49 pieces of art….All available as prints.

These are some of the examples of the art work I enjoy doing.  There is a mix of pen sketches , coffee stain art , walnut stain art , acrylic paintings , digital pieces and some mixed media things which I randomly,  used what ever was close and felt right to create.  Some are traditional and some are more of an emotional release style.  These are 49 works,  of hundreds I have images of,  that are available as prints and also to example the style I like to work in.  I also do wall murals , design work , custom tee shirts, and just about anything hands on creative.  5×7 – $7.00 8×10 – $25.00 11×14 and 16×20 range from $45-$100 depending on material of print and availability.  Please share this  link and feel free to contact Gary at garypferrante@gmail.com or 1-302-364-0088 regarding prints or original from photo art works.

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